There are different ways of organizing this but the aim is for children to enjoy reading in English and learning English while they go along. The English Reading Club is underpinned by some basic activities which can be expanded on and adapted to suit the needs of the children in the reading club.


This club provides a recreational and consolidating opportunity for students to learn and practice English. It creates an awareness of themselves as individuals with special different talents and capacities. It provides encouraging atmosphere for students to express personal views about whatever they choose and enhance students' learning opportunities. It develop students' personality


Want to write short stories, novels, be the next J.K. Rowling? A creative writing club is a good place for you to start. By joining this club, you'll find that your writing skills really improve as you will be able to practice writing constantly and receive helpful feedback from your peers.


If saving Mother Earth is something you're passionate about, consider joining an environment club, where you will get to engage in various projects to help clean up and green up your local community. For example, you may get to plan and engage in water conservation projects, cleaning up beaches, starting a recycling initiative at your school, etc.


 If you know that you want to go into a science-related field or if science really interests you, consider putting your knowledge into a competition with science Olympiad. As a freshman, you may not have all the science background that you need through your classes, but this club will be a great way for you to pick up
some material and get ahead in your science classes. Many science Olympiad teams compete in science Olympiad tournaments on weekends.



If math, statistics, or numbers in general spark your interest, consider doing it competitively by joining Mathletes. As a freshman, you may not have all the knowledge that you need to be competitive, but the club will be a great way for you to get ahead in your math classes and possibly compete with a team once you're ready.


Physical activity such as walking, jogging, Indore cycling or aerobic dancing is all example of aerobic exercise that strength the heart and lungs, therefore improving your body utilization of oxygen
Yoga's a Hindu spiritual & ascetic discipline apart of which including breath control, simple meditation and the adoption of specific bodily posters is widely practiced for health.


ICT or Information and Communication Technology Club aims to nurture creative and programming skills in students, helping them sharpen their research and presentation skills. The club also aims to promote innovation among its members as they seek out technological solutions to problems that may arise in a school environment. It helps students improve their design capabilities and their skills with communication and information technology. It encourages members to appreciate the role of Information and Communication in today's world. Students are introduced to website building and design among other activities.


The club provides students with pleasure, enjoyment and deepened awareness of themselves and their place in their environment, community and culture. The students have learned the techniques of Oil Colour Painting, Acrylic Colour Painting, Fabric Painting, Portrait Painting, Texture Painting, Wall Mural Designing, Pen and Ink, Pattern Designing, Glass and Foil Painting, Poster and Logo Designing. The aspirations for the coming year are to master the different techniques, prepare the students for making the decorative art work and paintings for exhibition and make art pieces out of waste products.



The Literary Club is a place where students can meet to read and write. The Literary Club has been an ongoing and active club for several years. It is based upon using the creativity skills it takes to be a writer. Club members meet to discuss books and the craft of writing.