Establishment: School was established in 2011 and running under Lala Atma Ram Memorial Society.

Among prominent schools of the region Divine Wisdom School occupies a place of pride. It was established in 2011 after the formation of Lala Atma Ram Memorial Society. Since inception, it has shown a tremendous growth and progress. Divine Wisdom school was inaugurated on 12th March, 2011 by honourable CPS, Chaudhary Sukh Ram. It started its working on 13th April, 2011 with enrollment of only 22 students. By the grace of Almighty, the school has splendidly expanded.

The modern concept of education is child-centered. It was so in our ancient system where the devoted Gurus focused all their time, energy and thoughts on the all-round development of their disciples. This is so in our DIVINE WISDOM too, where there is a harmonious fusion of the ancient and modern educational trends. By following this system, we are confident of providing the children with ample opportunities for effective learning. The system also enables them to become worthy citizens of the 21st century.Science & communication technology are taking rapid strides and the school offers computer education. It has Internet facility also.

Admission tests are conducted at DIVINE WISDOM SCHOOL. The behavior of each and every student is positively analysed and constructive solutions are arrived at Attitudinal change, through special loving care is our proven experience.

No educational institution is more than its teachers. So the school bestows the most modern dimensions to the role of teachers and pupils. The teachers and the students are constantly undergoing an affectionate interaction with one another.


The scheme of studies, the scheme of examinations and the course of studies prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi (CBSE) are strictly followed. Text books prepared by the National Council of Educational Research and Training, New Delhi (NCERT) are followed from Class I onwards. The medium of instructions is English. Moral education and general knowledge form an essential part of school curriculum. Children are imparted quality education with the help of computer based programmed lessons, smart classes and audio-visual aids.

Morning Assembly

Regular morning assembly is an integral part of the School curriculum. It will be our endevour to give evry child as many as possible to come on the stage and interact with the audience, in order to promote communication skills and develop leadership qualities.