Occupational education refers to a total program of education oriented to the world of work. Occupational education should begin to take form in the elementary school with a basic introduction to the world of work in terms appropriate to the maturity level of the students. Many of today's curriculum are based on a one size fit all however, everyone learns differently and curriculum's should be adapted to serve all individuals. This is especially true in the special needs programs.  Occupational education provides students with a pathway— using your specialized skills—to design, deliver and practice instructional programs in a variety of professional and technical vocations including online education, workforce development, continuing education, higher education and military education. As they work  they will learn how to, apply the knowledge related to  other occupations to practical classroom situations and articulate a personal education teaching philosophy. They will also be able to discuss the different ways to learn information and skills, and learn ways to assess other students' needs, interests, motivations and capabilities.